Craft Beer Redlands Victoria Point

The Growing Popularity of Craft Beer On Tap

Craft beer on tap has become increasingly popular at bars, tapas bars and restaurants over the last couple of years. Connoisseurs of craft beer no doubt understand the intricacies to the flavour of craft beer, but for the most part, many consumers do not know what constitutes a good craft beer on tap or perhaps don’t even understand what a craft beer actually is.

There is actually quite a bit of debate about what a craft beer is. The real clue lies in the word “craft.” A master craftsman of anything uses their skill and expertise to create something really special. The same is true for craft beer. The brewer uses traditional skills and ingredients to create interesting, complex flavours. The flavours and feel are further enhanced by putting the craft beer on tap, thus the increasing popularity of craft beer on tap.

There are many factors to consider when crafting a beer. Perhaps the most obvious objective when creating a craft beer is the taste. The taste of craft beer is created through a combination of traditional and creative techniques and ingredients. Traditional ingredients, sometimes thought of as the foundation of craft beer on tap, include malt, hops, yeast and water. Other ingredients are added for variations in flavour.

However creating a beautiful craft beer on tap is not all about the taste. It is more about the overall experience and the way the consumer perceives the craft beer. The appearance, feel and aroma of the craft beer all contribute to the overall experience. Even the type of glassware the craft beer is is served in, the food that the craft beer is paired with and the way it is served all enhance the overall experience.

For those new to the world of craft beer on tap, a visit to Elysium Restaurant & Bar, will provide the opportunity for a wonderful introduction to craft beer. Not only is there a very diverse selection of craft beers available on tap, but the relaxed setting by the lake is the perfect environment to sample a few of the craft beers on offer. At Elysium Restaurant & Bar we always have a great sample of craft beers to try. We are always bringing in new craft beers to make the selection more interesting and diverse. At the time of writing these are the craft beers that we have on tap. Of course when you come we may have a whole new set of flavours to savour.

Craft Beer List

  • Brookvale Union Ginger Beer
  • Pressman’s Apple Cider
  • Canadian Club
  • Great Northern
  • Elysium Gold – exclusive brew by Elysium Lakeside
  • Balter XPA
  • Sticky Nectar Mango IPA – by Stone & Wood
  • Balter Strong Pale Ale
  • Stone & Wood Cloud Catcher
  • Stone & Wood Pacific Ale
  • Feral Brewing Co Hop Hog
  • Young Henry’s & Afend Hemp IPA (only one keg special edition)
  • Next to go on tap once this keg is gone is Stone & Wood Barrel aged imperial stout

With such an extensive list of craft beers on tap available, you may need a few visits to work your way through the whole list. We recommend you savour the flavour and drink responsibly as you launch into the very pleasurable world of craft beer on tap.

If you would like to try the best craft beer in Redlands Victoria Point, visit Elysium Restaurant & Bar now.